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Masonry Scam And Lehigh Valley Chimney!!!!


May 25, 2018

I WOULD HIRE THIS Rip-off ARTIST UNTIL I RAN ACROSS THIS!!!! NOT GETTING MY Cash SCAMMER!ForA contractor was paid greater than $3, by aIn addition, a town inspector told police the duty performed by Brian Pearsall, , address unknown, was not around code and would have to be torn away and redone.Carol Pratt in February hired Pearsall to generate repairs on a storm-damaged house in the block of Hayes Street, police said.Pratt paid Pearsall $1, on Feb,7, , and he cashed the check, police said.Pearsall done the house four occasions between February and March before informing the homeowner he needed more money to get the work done, in accordance with police.Pearsall told investigators the duty included moving siding from a few of the home to another; installing fresh gutters and downspouts; repairing a few of the upper roofing; and initiate building the low section of the roofing,He told police he utilized 2-by-8 sized lumber for the reduced portion roof when police said he actually used 2-by-4 sized lumber.The victim finished up paying Pearsall another $2, to obtain the work done and he cashed the examine March , in accordance with police,But police allege he in no way returned to perform the duty.The victim then received another estimate from another contractor who considered all of the work done easily by Pearsall deficient and would need to be undone ahead of that contractor could perform the right repairs.

Steve Recchio, the city building inspector, agreed, telling police no permit was drawn by Pearsall.Lehigh Valley Chimney and Masonry Rip-off!!!!Brian Pearsall